Friday, October 2, 2015

Reviewsio Amazon Review site :)

So I decided to join Reviwesio Amazon review site. It is a place where I can get products at a free or discounted price to try and review! I am all about deals and wanted to share this one with my bloggers, I always try to find products for a cheaper discounted price or even free! I got an email to try it so I have so far I have applied for 4 different products and waiting to get approved to test and review them. I think this is the coolest thing even!! Hey who wouldn't want to try products to review to a discounted price?? The great part about it is after you test the items they are your's to keep!! YAY! I have a link that I can invite friends and family as well so here ya go check it out and thank me later!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Smell of Fall right around the corner...

AHHH although this heat wave has not let up, the smell of Fall is right around the corner.. Makenna and Ryleigh have started thier cheer season August 1st which means I am going to be busy busy busy!! They practice Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-830 and games on Saturdays!! WHEW... Makenna is on Pee Wee this year she moved up from Jr. Pee wee which she was on last year and this is Ryleighs very 1st year Cheering she is a tiny mite (I must say these girls are absolutely ADORABLE)!! Ryleigh I believe will be the one to stick with Cheerleading throughout! Makenna has cheered off and on since she was 5 taking a break at 7 and switching to gymnastics which I have to say she was really good at, She decided last year she wanted to go back to cheering and see what happens she made it another year! Makenna is VERY athletic all the way around and I think she will excel in many sports she was also on the running club at one point in school.. Several people have said that she looks like she would be a good volleyball player since she is so tall and lengthy.. but anyway Ryleigh has been there watching from the sidelines since she was born so I think this has been embedded in her brain that this is the thing to do ever since she was little she would mock the cheers and go to "school" daycare and teach all her friends how to do it lol.. her teachers would say she is going to be the head cheerleader one day and i think shes right! hehe I cant wait to take pictures of the girls in there uniforms I will for sure post them!

On another note the new school year is about to begin as well, another scent of fall.. I cant believe the summer is already over it is almost bitter sweet.. I'm so excited for the girls yet VERY nervous!! Makenna starts 6th grade this year which a big transition into middle school I keep hearing horror stories and it scares me to death! The teenage years begin, attitudes start and this is when we all thought in our own little minds that we were grown... PRAY FOR ME!! LOL Ryleigh starts kindergarten and im not so worried its only kindergarten right? but its my baby and shes already going to school which means both my girls are growing up TOO fast before my eyes! School starts on the 25th which is Makenna's 1st day and Ryleigh starts on the 27th since they staggered the kindergartner's so thats 2 days that I'm going to be a basket case! Ill never forget walking Makenna into school her very 1st day I did really good until I had to turn around and leave her there she looked like such a big girl and was so proud (I was too) but when I turned to leave I lost it I cried the whole way out of school and sat in my car for 30 mins not being able to leave I was crying so hard (side note I was also pregnant with Ryleigh so I'm sure the hormones didn't help hehe) I hope not to be this bad this time but with both of them going into such different worlds its going to be hard.. anywho until next time!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello, Hi, Hey.. its ME!

Well I havent blogged in about 5 months, as you know I have had a lot going on but everything is going maybe not as smoothly as I would like but its going.. there have been MANY bumps or shall I say mountains in the road but I crossed them and in the process it has made me a stonger person! Knowing that I have made it thus far on my own and have not had to ask for help from anyone (although I have had much help from my great friends.. moving, unpacking and helped getting me settled)makes me VERY proud of myself! Its been an emotional rollercoaster which is finally smoothing its self out day by day.. My girls are doing really good and have adjusted well with everything given the circumstances.. We have a sweet little farm house that Im renting that sits on about 4 acres of land and we love it.. it was built in 1922 and they gutted it with new floors, new kitchen and carpet... its cute as a button.. the inside exceeds the outside by far but never judge a book by its cover right? The girls love all the land we have outside and have even made some friends around there.. There is also a big garden that my rent guy has plowed for me and I finally got some of my veggies in the ground this weekend! I will definetly have to take some pictures and post them for you to see! But all in all things are going well and I will try to keep blogging as much as I can! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My life as I know it..

It has been a really LONG time since I have blogged, I have had alot of things going on these past few months that have changed my life dramatically.. Things happen for a reason and I believe that heart and soul its what gets me through my days! Im not going to get into great detail but ill give you the gist of it.. Rob and I split up and I am now on my own with my girls, it is a change and will take time to adjust but it is for the better.. Im going to try to keep blogging it may not be often but Ill through a few here and there.. I hope everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it seems like forever..

It seems like forever since I have posted to my blog.. I have been super busy lately with work, my girls, school and much much more.. So Ill give you a little run down on how things have been...

We had a really good summer, We have spent it laying by the pool at my moms and we also went to the beach the 1st week of August... Something we do EVERY SUMMER!! Its a tradition that I would like to keep up til the girls are grown!! As soon as we got back from the beach Makenna started cheerleading, which is 3 nights a week and saturday games.. Plus I bought Rob season tickets to the Wake Forest football games for his 40th birthday.. Between cheering, football, work and school I am gonna be one BUSY MOMMA!!!! WHEW Im tired just thinking about it!

I have also registered for school at Forsyth Tech for the Radiology program which was a process let me tell you.. stressful and didnt get some of the classes I needed the first time around. Well they told me that the Biology class I needed was like waiting on a heart transplant.. Well guess what I went Monday morning on drop add day and I GOT MY BIO CLASS!!! woo hoo!! Im so excited.. Ready to start.. I have also took my CNA class now I just have to go take the test.. Im a little worried about the skills part of the test.. But im sure I will do fine :)...

This morning was Makennas 1st day of 5th grade I cannot believe my baby girl is in 5th grade wow!!!! where has the time gone really? I know they say they grow so fast well its the truth!! Ryleigh was supposed to start Kindergarden this year but since the dates changed this year she missed it by 21 days.. Everyone says this is a good thing she will excel so much more.. So inturn I have accepted it! but Next year I will be a Tee Total MESS!!! Makenna will be starting Middle School and Ryleigh Kindergarden WHEW but thats next year lets not rush things!! hehe...

Makenna her 1st day of 5th grade...

anywho.. Until next time..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Private

I am going private for various reasons.. If you read my blog please let me know so I can add you as a reader.. Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I cannot believe my baby girl is 10 today!! It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital holding her after she was born.. Time really does go by fast!! Happy Birthday BABY GIRL!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Strawberry Jam

Well last weekend we drove to Pinnacle to pick strawberries, when we got there we were not able to pick them but were able to buy 3 boxes which is 3 gallons!! That's a lot of strawberries! Of course both girls had there hands full eating them as we drove back home.. So we went ahead and cleaned and cut them all up and I attempted to for the 1st time to make strawberry jam! I used the recipe on the sure gel pectin box I thought this was going to be pretty hard work but really it wasn't just a lot of prep work!! I didn't have a canning rack or a canning pot so I used a large stock pot with a rack in the bottom to set my jars in for the boiling of my jars.. I was worried that I wasn't doing it right but when I started pulling the jars out and setting them on my counter to cool I kept hearing a ping, ping, ping noise which apparently from what I have read on google is a good sound!! so I think I really did it!!! ahh I'm so proud!! now I just cant wait to taste my own fresh jam! I had to take pictures!! YUM!

More pictures..


IMG_3918 IMG_3916 IMG_3914 IMG_3908 IMG_3895 IMG_3883 IMG_3864 IMG_3863 IMG_3852 IMG_3848 IMG_3822 IMG_3813 IMG_3809



IMG_3993 IMG_3985 IMG_3983 IMG_3982 IMG_3980 IMG_3978 IMG_3975 IMG_3971 IMG_3968 IMG_3967 IMG_3964 IMG_3955